Tomahawk Modding

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Dec 9, 2016
North East
Hello All ,
For many years now Ive been interested in anything bushcraft related after first learning some basic skills from about 10 years of age with a farmer and later as a combat survival instructor with the Armed Forces and have also graduated to make my own scandi knives and now only collect different styles of knives more as a hobby although present medical conditions allowing , I will be starting to go out again this week for some overnight bushcrafting . One item that has very recently taken my interest is the use of a Tomahawk within a bushcrafting environment . If anyone cares to look on youtube or various forums there is quite a bit of information regarding modifying the various styles of "Cold Steel" tomahawks (which are not too expensive) and there are some very good examples . With this in mind I have just bought myself a Cold Steel pipe hawk and have started to modify it into my take on what a First Nations tomahawk may have looked like or resembled and so far I think I am making a half decent job of it (photos to follow when finished hopefully) I am not fussed if it is not historically accurate as its just a nice project to be getting on with in retirement.
Just wondering if any forum members have attempted any similar modifying with these tomahawks and if so any photos to see ?
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I modded a Trailhawk a few years ago.


It's one tool I never leave out of my packing list now. Performs well above it's weight.
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