Tick Proof clothing

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Hill Dweller
Sep 17, 2003
What do you think of these?

Apparently Rovince make tick proof clothing. The ticks feet get very hot when they crawl up the cloth, and they cannot hold on and drop off. Reliable for up to 125 washes.



Tick-resistant clothing sold by Rovince is always impregnated upon purchase and requires no further treatment in its lifetime. ZECK-Protec is therefore very suitable for heavy professional use.

ZECK-Protec is completely safe and certified. The impregnation is odourless, skin friendly, UV-proofed and machine washable. The protection remains active on clothing for an unprecedented duration. Tests have shown that results remain optimal even after 80 washes. In short, ZECK-Protec guarantees professional tick-resistant protection without the need for post-treatment!

Theres also this video, showing how permethrin works against ticks:

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Hill Dweller
Sep 17, 2003
A other good video showing how to apply permethrin to clothing:


You can also apply to your dog, 99 parts water to 1 part permethrin, which should last up to 30 days. [If its a pregnant bitch or has some other issues then check with your vet] ticks like to gather around the groin area in particular on deer/dogs.

The best and cheapest deal Ive found is HERE

You can dilute your clothes with this, 15-20 parts water, to one part permethrin. Buying this concentrate works out a lot cheaper than the sprays. It should last up to six washes.

Be careful how you dispose. Dont pour it down the drain, it will kill aquatic organisms. I normally find a flat piece of tarmac, and pour it onto that, so it just evaporates.
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Nov 24, 2013
East Mids
I've used Rovince clothing for deer stalking for a few years. I'd recommend it. I've tested it a few times with small ticks. They roll about and then die.


Hill Dweller
Sep 17, 2003
I'd go for a pair if I had not already bought too many trousers. I wonder how Im supposed to treat my fjallraven trousers with permethrin, and greenland wax :confused:
Mar 15, 2011
on the heather
I've got a Craghopper Safari shirt which is treated with Nosilife a "permanent" insect repellent apparently, hummmmm, pinch o salt there me thinks.

Tucking in is a good strategy. Tuck trousers in socks. Tuck t-shirt in trousers. No chemicals but hot in summer.
Hi Jack
Definitely good advice there, I wear shorts all the time and probably get more than my fare share of ticks, so as for the no chemical approach, another option, the last time I got home from a walk in the woods, I give my boots a good bang on the ground, then chucked my socks in the micro and nuked the little ###### darlings.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
I lived in Pymethrin impregnated clothing for 5 months. Land on me and you die.
Ticks live along the urine-scented game trails (where else is the food, huh?).
That's the simple trail to collect them for disease analysis. Use a cotton sheet "tick-sweep" and bag all sorts of them.
As a small note adeed in proof, I collected ticks for the Center For Disease Contol in Georgia.
And for the Zoonitoic Disease Control Center in Winnipeg. Lots of really messy small game shooting.
Plus, I had every veterinarian from Jasper to Haida Gwaii and from Williams Lake to Fort Nelson
picking ticks for the project.

Go off the beaten path, 5-10 yards either side = no ticks.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 25, 2011
North Yorkshire, UK
That's really interesting info, Robson.

I believe (but could be wrong) that ticks are also sheep-born in the UK, so a lot of our upland areas will have them all over. Sheep don't just stick to trails.
Apr 8, 2009
Ashdown Forest
For budget Permethrin impregnated clothing, try looking at the warm weather/tropical MTP issue clothing - i forget how many washing cycles its supposed to stay in the clothing for, but its a lot.