Third Hammock Group Buy

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soa_uk said:
So, *two* midgey nets then!
We'll see.

It turns out that the company has just changed hands and there is some doubt about the manufacturing of the EcoSystem continueing. Not sure if this is just with them or at all. either way they do not even have the patterns any more and I am having to send my net as an example of the sort of thing we are looking for.

Once they have that I should be able to get a price. The finished product should operate the same but will almost certainly look slightly different. I have also asked about making it about 150mm longer as I always felt the RM netting was a little short.

Like I say we will see.


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Aug 20, 2004
Dorset & France
Why does the postman get to Santa Claus Land before sunny France? :D

Still, both hammocks arrived safely and ready to test. Many thanks for all your hard work John. Greatly appreciated.


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Okay, everyone has claimed their hammocks and the last two are being posted tomorrow. If you have not recieved yours by the early part of next week then drop me a line.

So far I have about half a dozen people looking for another hammock and there is one person with an interest in quite a few so amazingly enough a fourth group buy may be on the cards so if you are intersted you can post a note here or just keep your eyes open for a new thread.


Making memories since '67
clipper said:
John :You_Rock_ doing all these group buy's must be a logistical nightmare, if I was you take 5 and have a breather :D
To be honest the hardest part is the packing and getting to the post office. Dealing with the manufacturer is very similar to what I do for a living so it is no great problem.

And remember I am not saying there will be a fourth group buy I am just saying you can log an interest here in case there is. It saves me getting a lot of PMs asking about any more hammocks ;)

wolf man

Sep 12, 2005
Hi John

got my two safe and sound. They are much better then i expected... :You_Rock_
Much appreciated, can't wait to get out and try them