Swap brand new acer ICONIA 7inch android tablet for francis barker m73 or m88.

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Jun 13, 2010
west yorkshire
Hi guys i have up for swaps an acer iconia 7 inch android tablet.
it is an unwanted gift and its brand new never been out the box/ never turned on or charged just as you would get if out of a shop.

the sepcs writeen on the box are as follows..
nvidia tegra 3 mobile processor with quad core cpu and 5tf battery saver core.
7 inch touch screen
wifi IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4ghz)
8 gig flash memory.1gb ram
2mp front camera
bluetooth 3.0
micro sd slot
lithium polymer battery 12.65w / 3420 mAH
i ant a clue what that lot means lol

I am wanting to swap it for one of these items.

firstly a francis barker m73 compass. which must be in mint condition tritium glowing etc not bothered if in mils or degrees. would love one with a case but case is not vital.

secondly francis barker m88 again it must be in mint / perfect condition or with mutaul swappy adjustment.

the third item im looking for are a pair of sailing binoculars with built in compass. again condition is vital on this one.

the fourth item which would be acceptable in trade night vision monocular. in perfect working order.

please pm with offers photo to follow.


Jun 13, 2010
west yorkshire
update to wants list..
these are items for px.
honey stove older pattern.
coleman petrol stove or lantern must be in perfect working and very good cosmetic condition.
shark designs brass or copper tinderbox must be mint condition.
offers of simillar items in px offers..
the next list are stright swap items.

very close woodlore clone. must be mint condition.
american flatbow right handed and about 40 to 50lbs draw weight.
spring powered air pistol. or single shot co2 air pistol either straight swap or px dependant on model and condition.