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  • Hi Leigh,

    Despite attempts to contact you via email & PM I have not heard from you despite you having been on the forum. The refund you initiated via PayPal has been rejected by them as there are insufficient funds in your bank account to cover it.

    I realise that there may have been personal issues that have taken precedence but I feel I have been more than patient re this and want either an immediate refund or a concrete guarantee that the goods I've paid for will be sent to me pretty sharpish.


    Hi Leigh,
    Welcome back, I trust you are feeling a bit better. I would be grateful if you could respond to my pm when you are next online.
    Hello Leigh,

    I note that you have been online at least 4 times since I PM'd you previously. I feel I have been very reasonable in this matter between us and went out of my way to do the decent thing. I kind of now feel my decency is just being thrown back in my face anmd laughed at. I would appreciate the courtesy of a reply very soon.


    Hello, Your inbox is full and i have the images you asked for :)
    Reguards, Ben.
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