Supporting Theresa Kamper Publishing her PhD onTraditionalTanning

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Some of you know Theresa from the moot's or from other events, courses etc and she's universally liked and held in high regard, she's a star who shares her knowledge freely and she's trying to do the same thing with her PhD thesis. Anyone that can help support her in making this available to the masses, please do.


Donation link

Here's what Theresa says - My passion is traditional living skills! I began learning traditional tanning as a child and have been practising and later studying this reemerging skill for over 20 years. However, the processing of animal skin goes back for tens of thousands of years and was done everywhere by everyone's ancestors. It was integral part of everyday life in our history as a species.

I am raising money to cover the remaining costs for publishing my PhD thesis which centred on developing a microscopic analysis method for identifying different tanning technologies being used in prehistory. It is a very visual method and hence requires a large amount of colour images alongside the print. I am a firm believer in open access information, but also need to use a publishing company with the academic credibility to continue on my career path. I have settled on Sidestone Press out of the Netherlands as they fulfil both of these requirements. The book would be available as a hard and soft copy, a PDF, and as an open access read only document.

I have partial funding via fantastic Wintercount, but need to raise another $3000 dollars to cover all the publication costs! Any assistance, no matter how small, will be immensely appreciated!!

Any funds I raise over the necessary amount will be used to buy copies of the book at the author's price. I will donate theses to organisations, museums and schools which would otherwise have difficulty affording a hard copy or digitally accessing a book of this nature.

Theresa's donation link

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