South Wales Meet 2008

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Aug 8, 2008
south Wales
Big thankyou guys for the warm (if damp) reception.

Special thanks to Chris and Dave for helping out a tarp newbie. And yes, I will look at getting a bigger tarp.

See you in Feb.



John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Many thanks to all who made it for putting up with a grouch with a migraine!
In total we raised £280.00 for HFH with the raffle....lucky Red Kite getting the prize!
Lets hope that the weather is better next time!
Some photos!

The hand over of the Bernie Garland Bushcrafter by Jed - on the right - (meet organiser) to Red Kite (jammy devil)


Oct 6, 2008
always gutted to miss a weekend out but a wise choice, only managed to get an hours sleep after finishing the work and picking SWMBO up from the airport. Im still alive so testament to things being sorted just in time!

The goose is safely resting in teh freezer, hopefully we'll have a meet early new year and can have it as a belated camp christmas dinner

I plan to get out out for a weekend dander down through the Wye valley/ forrest of dean before christmas (was intending to use the canoe but the skill not quite up there just yet). If anyone fancies joining me for a friday and saturday week and rough camp then the company is welcome. If not see you all next year.


PS. congrats Red kite on the win and Spencer the civy beard coming on well. John's got competition ;-)


Jan 29, 2007
Northern Doghouse
Alright fella's, thanks for a cracking weekend, i really enjoyed the company and the environment. We've learnt some lessons about the site but i think it was a success. Thanks to everybody who came for making the effort and sorry we missed you to those who could not make it. I will not embarrass anyone by mentioning names but every one of you contributed to the weekend and made it such a success and for that i thankyou.

Just to re-enforce, everyone who wants to come to a meet is welcome, be you local or not. There is no need to ask permission or wait for an invite, though it may be an idea to let us know your coming. All will be made welcome and hopefully it will be the first of many occasions. Please don't be intimidated or shy or think it is a closed group. this thread will shortly be finished and the 2009 meets will be put out. Please avail yourselves of our company, even if you pop along for a few hours, i'll bet you'll come out overnight next time.

Thanks again everyone, you made my meet!;) :D

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Due to the incredible generosity of one chap the total raised by the knife raffle ended up as £300.00 all for Help for Heros.
Good on you all!