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  • Oops sorry for delay...degree is psychodynamic counselling...which is kind of psychotherapy. The differences get complicated... Lol :)
    Thanks :) yes half way through the first year of 4 (or 5, depending on what i want to do). That's the main reason i need to sort another income as this year Mum paid my fees as a sort of loan...but i can't ask her to do that again really and next year they are twice much too!
    How are you getting on with carpentry / jobs?
    Mmmm Sloe gin :p That was organised of you. I only really got to blackberry jelly as far as preserving went this year. Though did bake lots of plum rolls with wild plums from coaley peak and ate them pretty much instantaneously :) yum yum.
    Yeah i enjoy the pub but definitely need some more income too. Got a few irons in fires and gonna send my CV to a few places next week too. Got the flu right now so just lying in bed trying not to move as moving hurts!
    Alright Luv? Things ok with me... pootling along at the pub, painting a boat in March... What's new in the world of The Spark? :)
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