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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
You can just pour the soup, veg and all into a metal sieve. Then use the back of a spoon to press (you kind of swirl the spoon around pressing gently down) on the solids. It's how we used to make baby food when we couldn't be bothered breaking out the still see those for a pound or so in charity shops since most folks now use electric gadgets.
That's a baby sized one, mine takes a potful and sits over a pot to caw the handle.
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Nov 16, 2019
Vantaa, Finland
Hot soup is in some ways better than a cup of green tea but I have noticed that a mix of pure amino acids is what keeps you going the longest. Taste is nothing to speak of and avoid hot water but nothing else returns the aching muscles as well to working condition. After that a cupful of soup.

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