Sold SOLD: Terra Nova Saturn double hooped bivvy

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Apr 21, 2020
West Sussex
I am selling my Terra Nova Saturn double hooped bivvy. It's an amazing bit of kit, made in Britain, and hard to find online now.
  • Extremely convenient and very light, weighing 1.1kg and can be put very quickly. Extremely simple but effective.
  • Green with a black base, the same as the one in the video below
  • The same as the Jupiter bivvy but has two hoops for better ventilation. To save weight, you can use it with one hoop if you wish, or no hoops like an ordinary bivvy.
  • Very good for fast & light hiking, wild camping, or stealth camping.
  • I have used this numerous times and it's been faultless, even in strong winds and heavy rain.
  • The seams are fully in tact, no tears in the groundsheet or fly. Goretex membrane breathes well and prevents condensation.
  • Original guys are included, as well as assorted pegs.
Specs here (scroll down):

A video review from 2012:

RRP was something like £300, I'd like £150 for this.

Please ask any questions.


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