Second Hammock Group Buy

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Making memories since '67
Okay, I am off to the Scottsih Meet Up no so no more will be posted till Tuesday. But at the moment there are none outstanding. There about 18 still to be claimed so if you have not done so drop me a PM or payment. Either way I will PM those I have not heard from on Tuesday to see if they still want them, if not I will contact those on the reserve list.


Sep 1, 2005
Postie delivered it today.
The only problem is that I now wish I had asked for more than one.
Now, if you are in the mood to do another group buy........
Seriously though John thanks for all the hard work.


Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
What a star! It arrived while I was away and, though I opened the package last night, I didn't open the hammock till today. Tan and forest green - I couldn't have asked for a more suitable scheme. Had it roughly rigged today so the kids and I could try it out - its brilliant fun.

Thanks John, much appreciated.

Ogri the trog


Making memories since '67
wildrover said:
The only problem is that I now wish I had asked for more than one.
Now, if you are in the mood to do another group buy........
Povarian said:
Hammocks arrived today. Thanks once again. I could mamage a few more if there's another group buy...:rolleyes:
scruff said:
ps. any spares i'll take another ;-)
Good grief people. How many hammocks can you guys use? I may post a tentative third buy thread to see if there really is that much interest. If I had thought that there was going to be this much interest I would have spoken to Tony and got them to put the BCUK logo on them.


Jul 18, 2005
Mine have arrived - many thanks!
Was disappointed the postie hadn't arrived with them before I departed on my trip to Craig Rossie over the weekend. But then I was reminded when I got there that there are no trees anywhere near the proposed camp site...


Making memories since '67
scruff said:
maybe u ought to look at becoming the sole uk wholesaler/ importer :D
I'm beginning to feel like I already am:rolleyes: . I still have some of the second buy to get sent out but once that is done I will once again guage interest and see if a third buy is viable.

As to the BCUK logo there are anumber of issues with this. First I would need Tony's permission and second the minimum order goes up to about 500 or so. Of course if you are minded to take the existing logo off and sew on a BCUK badge (available from the shop;) ) that would do the trick. In fact now that I have thought of it, that is what I am going to do tonight.