Scout leaders ?

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Feb 9, 2011
I'm a scout leader. In our group the leaders of beavers and cubs are all women, and our scout group is run by 4 single male leaders youngest 22 eldest 26/7 I should probably know his age. But we were all Scouts together left gone to uni and come back. We've all been part of that group since we were 5.

We did have an episode with a parent once who was reluctant to leave their child with us fearing our immaturity. The child was distraught and the parent unimpressed. It took an intervention from another parent of one of our Autistic Scouts to speak up and advocate the benefit to his son who was able to stay in mainstream education having joined our group and the confidence he had with us.

Being a scout leader is a tremendous rewarding position to be in and one which you should get involved. With Bear the chief scout and the re-org a few years ago, Scouting is supposed to have been modernised but there are still some stale groups out there. We for one are taking our lads on a bushcraft/survival weekend end of month teaching them everything we read out of Collins Gem classic - its by far my favourite weekend of the year and I'm sure something you would enjoy.

Get involved they need volunteers and groups are closing despite more scouts than ever.