Reviewing cooking setup.

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Sep 6, 2011
Hi guys. Need a fresh pair of eyes. Got myself a new stove and I'm reviewing my cooking setup.
I need 100% functionality and comfort balanced with weight, this is for doing miles on my back through boothies, woods and mountains. Also this is for my own solo cooking, So far I got:

Gas stove with windshield and (separate) piezo igniter.
1.2l aluminium pot for cooking/reheating, 500ml titanium pot for brews and noodles, primus light frying pan for frying, light kfs set.

Considering a titanium plate, at 70grams it should add some comfort to eating? Anyone ever used that? Has anyone ever used the butter knife from the kfs set? Or should I bin it? I do have few tiny plastic bottles with salt, pepper and cooking oil, anything I'm missing that is worth carrying? I'm not in to gram shaving but I like to be efficient.


Nov 6, 2007
Get a decent backpacking/camping plastic plate with some high sides IMHO if you feel the need for an extra container, at least then if you need to cut the food on the plate you can use your pack knife, and like you say you can ditch the KFS knife. However, are you taking food that needs to be on a plate ?? as otherwise, this is something extra that requires cleaning.


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Jan 25, 2014
Between a rock & hard place
Brews, packet soups, noodles, couscous and instant mash potato don't require extra heating after the hot water has been applied so a 2nd metal container is superfluous unless you are nesting it inside the main pot to attempt some baking. I would take a look at the re-useable silicone ziplock bags or veritable plethora of collapsible cups/bowls. The cliplock "tupperware" from Poundland is also more than happy being filled with boiling water.


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Mar 5, 2018
I find an extra plate very nice and usefull if I am camping with a colleague on a French touristic camping ground.

But if I don't have a folding table in the car, I wouldn't use a plate on the ground, because I am no fakir.

If I eat in forest and field, my pot or pan has a handle that I can hold in the left while I have the spoon in the right hand.

If you use just one pot the washing up becomes manageable.


Nov 30, 2011
Your cooking kit should reflect what you intend to eat.

If it's mostly just foods that need heating or boiling water added then i usually just bring a metal mug and a small pot (with lid) such as this below;

My stove at the moment is a multifuel however it's plenty warm enough for gas. Unless your planning just to boil a small amount of water or noodles/pouches etc.. i would avoid solid fuel stoves. It's also ideal if your gas stove can be used inverted.

Cutlery for me is a spoon. If your cooking anything more fancy then a small pair of all metal tongs don't weigh much and help massively. I would definitely recommend a separate mug and pot that way you can eat out of one and have a brew in another.
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