Reviewing cooking setup.

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Sep 6, 2011
Hi guys. Need a fresh pair of eyes. Got myself a new stove and I'm reviewing my cooking setup.
I need 100% functionality and comfort balanced with weight, this is for doing miles on my back through boothies, woods and mountains. Also this is for my own solo cooking, So far I got:

Gas stove with windshield and (separate) piezo igniter.
1.2l aluminium pot for cooking/reheating, 500ml titanium pot for brews and noodles, primus light frying pan for frying, light kfs set.

Considering a titanium plate, at 70grams it should add some comfort to eating? Anyone ever used that? Has anyone ever used the butter knife from the kfs set? Or should I bin it? I do have few tiny plastic bottles with salt, pepper and cooking oil, anything I'm missing that is worth carrying? I'm not in to gram shaving but I like to be efficient.

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