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Jul 28, 2021
South Wales
Hey all- I was on here around 2009, but unfortunately life events changed and family etc so I lost my details on here. I wasn't too active at the time- was more interested in the diy projects and forging, and didn't have enough space for my own work living in a rented room.

Fast forward and iv been settled for the last 3 years and working on my own place.
With last year's antics I have dug out what I had previously collected, added more tools, knowledge and skills and have been out in the wild again.

I'm hoping to get my garden into a decent state, where I can hopefully get a forge and cooking area, and am looking for an area with permission to hopefully get some sort of camp setup.

I'm in the south wales valleys, so am blessed with plenty of wild to explore, just not found somewhere where I can build and relax without being disturbed by everyone and their dog

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.