Recommend me a New tarp.

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Jan 13, 2019
It’s time to buy a new tarp that can last a long time as my old one has recently just ripped. I hike into the woods regularly and sometimes spend the night there so I need one that won’t rip on me like my old one . Have any of you guys got any good recommendations of a tarp that could withstand a good battering from the wind and rain and still keep you dry! (3x3m approximately) thank you


Apr 19, 2018
I am in a time warp on this, as I stopped applying myself to the subject when I got up to owning about ten of the things. The most modern thinking might be different now - it can be solved easily with the DD, or can turn into a vast, and disputable subject adressing subjects of cost, size, lightness, strength, packability, materials and adaptability.

Hillebergs are very good, but not cheap, and that is the one I prefer to use. Had it years; big but lightish and strong. A big one gives good coverage and, pitched low, is very good for camping on the ground

Buy a Hennessey hammock/tarp and you can use the rather good tarp on its own ...

The Australian army ones are very good too ... see if you can find a green one. God knows what made me sell mine, but the auscam is still pretty.

I think Tatonka still make a cotton one, if that is what you might be interested in. I use it as a canopy for the back of the car mainly, but it doesn't leak ever and is better with the fire.

Then there are some uber-light ones made from cuben/dyneema ... try looking at Hyperlite and Mountain Laurel. And many people making very heavy canvas ones. Wynnchester and several others. Weigh a tonne. There are lots of sil-nylon ones too. I have one small one I keep as a kind of emergency annexe, but I had another which just broke, so it went back. For these, you might start by looking at Big Agnes

Have a look at Scarp tents ... just for something to contemplate :)

There is a lot to be said for the ordinary blue or brown or silvered tarp you pick up at the hardware store. Cheap, very strong, heavy and a little clumsy, but totally waterproof .. if you buy the waterproof ones :lol:
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Apr 16, 2009
DD Hammocks 3x3 tarp is a good tarp.
I’m wondering whether the 3x4 might offer more options. Tons of room underneath, the 3m side can be pegged down tight and weighted if necessary which still leaves a lot of space for sleeping and kit even if the wind is blowing the rain in a bit.

Hasten to add, I don’t have one as I mainly hammock camp with tarps. I have a couple of 3x3 which I’ve paired up on occasion, or I use a single one on the diagonal to get right over my feet and head. I also like the tent option the square offers. If you want me to post the vid of the tent option Jack, I’ll dig it out for you.
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