Ray Mears new Shirt

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Sep 11, 2005
New Zealand
I guess it's horses for courses, but wear a heavy cotton shirt in the NZ bush and you'll end up with hypothermia within the day, even in summer it is not a good idea if you are heading for the tops, as it will get damp from sweat at lower altitudes then be bloody cold once you get above 1000m or so and clear the bushline.

Cotton is just about the worst thing to wear here, heavy when wet, wicks away heat faster than even bare skin, and will stay wet for ever (or at least until you get home).


Full Member
Oct 19, 2006
Great to read an informed opinion about these shirts. My only wish is that someone would give one to me as a present. Trouble is, my birthday is months away...

It would be good to hear more about the shirt in use - please keep us informed!


Mar 5, 2005
Look if you lot are too mean to spend £125 on shirts from Ray Mears then I will make a special deal for you. You can have my with my name printed on it for £80.


Apr 25, 2006
Sussex, England
All I'd like are structured comments from, someone who has held it warn itplayed with it. Aliwren you've done that thanks.

It's still way to much for my wallet, that said if I got one as a gift it would certainly mean a lot. By the way I'm a XL is anyone wants to just make a note! :D


Dr Onion

Mar 28, 2007
By Yon Bonnie Banks
Looks like a nice shirt - not convinced it's worth 125 of your earth pounds but then I wouldn't pay 70 or 80 quid for a pair of Nike's - which are made for about 4 quid in a sweat shop in some foreign clime, yet if you look at what people wear (especially teenagers) on a daily basis then we (as a collective for the human race) regularly shell out this kind of money on clothing and don't think twice about it.


Feb 15, 2005
Silkstone, Blighty!
My Swanndri ranger cost somewhere in the region of fifty quid. Not sure exactly as it was a gift from the missus, but it seems an average price. I think that is expensive for one item of clothing, I'd normally only spend more than that on a goretex jacket or a good pair of boots! My Helly Hansen goretex jacket didn't cost much more than a RM shirt! I just think he has lost touch a bit with reality, all the kit on his site is highly priced and you can find it cheaper elsewhere. I doubt he is making the prices though, but I wish he'd step in and tell his people to stop being so greedy.


Jun 15, 2007
At the end of the day you are either in a position to pay a grand for a whizzy-phig-bling mobile phone or not. In the same vein you are either willing or able to pay £125 for an of the peg shirt for lurking around the ulu.

My phone was free and my shirts for the ulu.........well, they don't cost £125, I can get a nice suit shirt at Turnbull & Asser on Bond Street for £125.00.

You have got to remember like most personalities Ray will be maximising his income whilst he is in the position to do so. He will therefore be reliant on a certain level of fan loyalty in marketing his product range to the public, most of whom (not all) having only experienced bushcraft in their back gardens at best. The shirts may be excellent but they also offer perceived access to Ray's lifestyle, it is no different to a perception which is peddled by football clubs selling team or even national shirts.........go on, hands up who has an England shirt?

We should not be astounded or insulted by the price of Ray's goods. He is not aiming them at us, I would think that he is aware that there are alternatives and that there are knowing and educated people out there that will buy those alternatives.

Madra rua

Need to contact Admin...
Mar 20, 2004
I may never gain as much bushcraft/survival knowledge as Ray Mears (whom I greatly admire) but I know that in a temperate or cold climate that ''Cotton Kills''. And £125 is a ridiculous price (as is the price of the majority of products on his website).


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Oct 17, 2003
Merseyside, Cheshire
I think that the big winner of this thread is craghoppers. I have been a big fan of there convertable trousers for years but since this thread I have bought two shirts and while I am chuckling and catching up with this thread I am sat here in a pair of convertible kiwi's and my latest nosquito convertable (zip off sleeves) shirt bought direct from craghoopers site in their summer sale and I would just like to say how good the service was.