Quechua X-Light 2 down jacket and lidaxa hammock

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Oct 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
Today I have been truly astounded by a couple of bits of kit that utterly defy their price tag.

Firstly from decathlon I purchased a down jacket (75% down 25% feather) rated at -5 to -10C for the grand total of £19.99. I have spent a day up the woods in said jacket and just a tshirt underneath at 3C and was thoroughly comfortable, it packs into its own stuff sack and is really light. The fit is really comfy and material is very welcoming. While out I set up a couple of cheapo hammocks I bought from eBay for the kids for the total of (wait for it..........) £6.50 each including postage. Once again these things surpassed my expectations and the quality was really good, the lay was very comfortable and material looks like it will take a beating. Don't get me wrong they would be a little short and a little narrow to be considered camping hammocks but I'd happily spend the night in one, great for the kids. Made by lidaxa that also make quality hobo stoves for next to nothing. These will be a permanent feature in the back of my motor and in my day sack when walking the dogs.


Aug 20, 2014
I've got the jacket. Good bit of kit. I found the sizing to be on the small side though.

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