Primitive Bows?

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wolf man

Sep 12, 2005
Folks I need some help locating a couple of primitive bows with a draw weight of 50lb and draw length of 32"

Can an any one point me in the right direction please.

All help and advice very much appreciated.



Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
Draws out to 32 will be long bows or very long flat bows.
Are you after purchasing a few? If so might be able to get in touch with a few bowyers still making. Wish i still had the time my self :(

You will be looking at upwards of £250 per bow, probably more if you are looking for one piece and "primitive" but depends what your view on a primitive bow is.

Timber capable of good draw weights and long draw is hard to come by.


Jul 2, 2014
North West Somerset
Will Lord is something of an expert on the primitive and a bow-maker to boot. Nice bloke too.

I would second that, I went on his bronze casting course last month. The choice of a primitive bow might depend whether or which society/club you are looking to shoot it under. Different societies have idfferent rules, so be careful to remain within the accepted equipment classification. If you are just shooting for yourself, then its not so bad and you can choose your own bow type. However as Dwardo says, a 32 inch draw is unusually long, and it may limit your actual bow type

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