Preparedness, do any practise it?

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Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
I've got my rucksack with all my kit, fuel & food (4 days) stashed above the frontdoor of my appartment. Should keep some bottled water handy ... But I also live next to a canal - and I've got everything to make that water drinkable. So I'm not to worried.

Packed my old rucksack with food and other bits and pieces that might come in handy, but left that at my parents place. They are the kind of people "we'll manage with what we've got in the cupboard". True, they will - but they didn't thought of heating it - as they cook on a ceramic stove (power cut), etc. They know about the Big Green Rucksack and all its contents in my old bedroom. If things go pearshaped, in the end they will have a looksy; it has everything in it (gas stove, cannisters, food, FAK, copies of important documents, money, address book, etc), in case they have to evacuate.

Dutch government is trying to make people aware that things can go wrong. From a terrorist attack to a flooding (most likely) or major power cut. They want people to be prepared, to be self reliant for at least 72 hours. I can manage about 10 days; my parents about 14.

British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
I wonder if buying a salt lick and smashing it up into gravel sized chuncks would be of any benefit and putting on your gravel when the temp gets down?
I fear the corrosion of having it there all the time tbh. The stuff I have is about 5mm gravel size - it'll go down when needed and hopefully keep paths etc. clear. If I do get a layer of ice again I'll put salt on and fine grit on top for some temporary traction.

BTW - that sounds like a well though through strategy Johan- sensible without being paranoid


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Sep 6, 2010
I bought mine on ebay last year, 5kg was about £10 plus postage (I collected) IIRC. Worked wonderfully, didn't re-freeze either.