Power pack anker or alpkit?

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Jul 14, 2008
Just seen the alpkit power-packed. Looking at the 20,000mah one and comparing with the anker powercore essential 20000. The alpkit allows it too be charged while it's charging say your phone. Does this mean solar panel charging only or plug in a pub charging top? Can anker match the alpkit specs? Are they basically the same possibly made in the same Chinese factory?

Both are £33-34. Both 20,000mah with two outputs so you can charge two devices at once Both got smart charge functions

Which is best or are they the same just branded differently?

Anyone tried solar panels like the pkit flare? Worth £35 or so?

Anker powerbank

Alpkit version

Alpkit flare solar panel

We have a campervan with leisure battery and USB charging points running off it, with lighting too. We're camping at a site and can't get electric hookup. We're thinking a good high capacity power bank after not being impressed with cheaper ones.

Any views on these two and the solar panel? Anything better for similar money?

We may be cycle touring in the area leaving the van behind for a few days at a time. So portable is important.
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I bought the Alpkit Juice Box to power one of my cameras in sub zero temperatures. What I found annoying was the complete lack of any kind of instructions or specifications that came with it.

When I contacted Alpkit they demonstrated total ignorance, even to the point that they did not know that the unit turns itself off on occasions, I think when the current draw falls below a certain threshold but it might be time based. I don't know because there are no sodding instructions!

Otherwise it seems to hold a decent capacity and work well, providing you make sure it hasn't turned itself off again of course. It is solidly built but you will have to use guesswork to get the best out of it. It doesn't even tell you how to turn it off manually ( A double tap on the power button I discovered in the end. )
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Jun 30, 2015
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I'd probably go with the Anker: the one I have (similar but not identical to the one you've linked) feels pretty sturdy, and has shrugged off a fair few drops and seems to have maintained capacity quite well. Not sure if it would have pass-through charging however.

I'm a bit unsure of Alpkit's claims about the 'insulated battery', i'm unsure how much insulation you could cram into that case along with the 20,000mAh battery, and if that would make much of a difference in the cold.


When I queried them on that it turned out that the extent of their "testing" involved putting one in a freezer and then seeing if it would work when they took it out... Not exactly rigorous.

Not too worried about that because it will be inside my clothing system when I use it.

So far happy with the unit but very disappointed with Alpkit's technical service. Expected better from them.
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Sep 8, 2005
Putting a lithium ion battery in a freezer, such that the battery reaches freezing or below, and then trying to charge it, will cause permanent harm to the battery. The electrolyte is water based.

Discharging however should be fine down to -20C though performance/capacity will be significantly reduced.
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Their testing regime did not strike me as well thought out. It certainly did not result in any useful information they were able to share.

Fortunately my main camera runs off a pair of 8Ah Tracer packs made by Deben. They at least understand their products and can offer some technical support.


Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
Anker Solar and battery user here and all good.

I have given both a good battering over the past few years an no issues. The Power pack I use every few days and is only just starting to get a bit tired. The Solar is brilliant and tough as old boots which is again used often, well as often as the suns out :)


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Jul 14, 2008
Anker it is then, thanks.

It's for a two week van trip where we're staying at a campsite without electric hookup, or rather without pitches free with hookup. Whilst we've got USB A sockets connected to the leisure battery which is charged from the engine we might be static for some time. The led lighting runs off the same battery so we're kind of wanting backup power pack for phones. Those we can leave charging somewhere, lots of sites more have those charging cabinets now. The ones where there a few little boxes with micro usb and usb c plugs which you plug into device then lock box and pay for the charging. We're behind the continent with those but catching up as more sites install them. Failing that reception or shop might have somewhere for power pack. Safer than leaving the phone directly charging.

We have had a few over the years from cheapo possible even Aldi ones through to slightly more expensive. Not impressed so me far. Alpkit are usually good with their kit and I've heard Anker are good. The most annoying thing about our current packs is how they charge up very, very slowly. The big one we have sometimes didn't fully charge even with a full night in a charging cabinet? Only got enough to charge a phone up if that. I'm hoping the Anker one is better.

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