Polish lavvu video manual.

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Apr 7, 2016
A bit late now..................
I am 6'4" and the large is big enough, as is a large, mated to a medium size one.
The sizes have been on MM website for a while now and are as below:

approx sizes 1.4m high & 2.1 m width

In olive colour

avaliable in 3 sizes, The size difference from top to bottom is

  1. small 165cm /65"
  2. Medium 180cm / 71"
  3. Large 195cm / 77"
The sizes above are approximate and as these are genuine military surplus may vary slightly.

The sizes of the tent halves are identified by the number of eyelets under the buttons. I.e 1 eyelet is small, 2 is medium and 3 is large.
MM note* if you are particulary tall and worry about the tents size, when erecting the tent it is possible to erect in an oval shape.
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