Pink meadow flower ID

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Jan 6, 2017
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Sorry, I have to log in to a different website to view the first image and the second one just won't come up.
Could you not show the image here between img tags?


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Apr 16, 2009
Thanks, all. Sorry about the upload thing - won't let me do it on here (not a paid up member)

Just for info, Postimage works ok as a third party host, no account needed. I prefer it to the Upload option because you don’t need to click a thumbnail to open a bigger picture. My WiFi or 3G can be a bit slow at times, I like to put the pics in the thread.

Google Postimage, open the link, choose from your album, various codes are displayed. I use direct link, but there are others. Press the blue “copy” button. Go back to BCUK thread, select the landscape pic top of message box next to smilies. Dump code in and press Insert. Ta da!

It’s a nice pic now I’ve seen it, the yellow Lady’s Slippers are everywhere here at the moment, and I’ve wondered what their pink companions are.:)
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