Pathfinder pot, zebra billy, or alternative?

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Sep 8, 2005
Yeah, re Mors pot.

Pretty sure it was Open Country Cook Ware making them, and they have been shutdown by their parent company.

Indian kitchen ware stores can be a good source.

Ubha dabba for tall canisters, puri dabba for flat tins.
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Dec 20, 2013
I have used the Pathfinder bushpot (smaller version) for a while now and really prefer it to the Zebra because of the folding handles, recessed lid (upon which one can balance/pour coals for baking), bail and pouring spout. I can follow the "Mors" approach to stuffing kit into it too. I recently upgraded to the newer, larger handles version (still smaller size) and have found the larger handles an excellent addition.
Using the BCUK discount from Heinnie's saved a bit, but IMHO the pot is worth the price.
Over the last few years I have baked bread in it, made a series of fruit crumbles/cobblers, stewed various foods and, of course, boiled lochs of water.
I like John Fenna's pot and will try to find similar ones for experiments - just can't rely on the charity shops to carry the necessary stock


Apr 19, 2018
If you can get an Illy coffee can without, you know, having to buy the Illy coffee, it works well with a coathanger bail .... also if you can find a spare handle off an old Feurhand paraffin lamp, that works great and holds its shape well ... the Illy is smaller than you are looking for though


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 10, 2004
That was what I thought of. I checked the Fourdog site and they said the company that made them has ceased making them.
That’s a shame, they were well liked. Perhaps they will resume manufacture again at some point or maybe another company will take up the mantle

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