Open invitation arctic meet 2017

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Feb 19, 2013
Stockton on Tees
Good to hear he's OK. Sounded like a dose of food poisoning from what Dave and Ash described.

As as for the signature badge just copy and paste this into your signature files.
Nice one Wayland, thanks. Yes, it did look like a dose of food poisoning for sure, thanks for the badge link :)

Pete, thanks for the lend of the gear, shoes worked fine once I got to grips with them ( first time using snowshoes ) the stove though, no chance, we couldn't get it to light mate but we got by, thanks though :)


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Sep 17, 2003
Thankyou mate.No offence intended of course. And Im sure non taken. You're a lucky man. As Im sure you dont need me to tell you.

Chris was the best of our group. A real diamond fellow. And Im glad Al got to spend so much time with him. As i Think it vastly, quickly improved his game.
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At the end of the peninsula looking west.

I was very limited by the condition of the ice and had to stay pretty well on the land or close to it. You need darkness and space to see the sky, with a bit of foreground to help so I had basically three viewpoints and variations of the same to work with.

This was the night we set out to see you guys in the woods but I'm afraid you were trumped by the Aurora.