One knife or different knives for different occasions?

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Mar 31, 2021
For edc , I dont think the Swiss army can be bettered for its usefulness. It might not be the highest build quality but it ain't bad and to build a far better version would raise the prices 20x


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Feb 17, 2018
My new edc is this....


A gift from a guy I work with. I'll see how it goes.....

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May 17, 2011
Day to day use my sak huntsman or issue clasp p/k. Do own an old leatherman but rarely gets used.
Fixed knife is my Chris Caine knife and parang or a mora. Having a practice with a svord but probably won’t keep. Got rid of all my axes.
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Jul 29, 2014
I carry a Victorinox Hiker on a cord around my neck and most often have a Condor Mayflower which I gave a Scandi grind. I find a Scandi grind very handy for simple/less refined woodworking - tidying up frayed ends on a saw cut, smoothing out simple joints, putting on a quick and dirty bevel, etc. Things like making and fitting gates, sheds and decking. Can't say I do a lot of bushcraft really.

I also have an Esee JG5 which I use every day in the kitchen for food prep or in my veg garden for trimming carrot tops and so on.

I have several other fixed blades which don't see everyday use but are used for carving, coppicing, snedding and whatnot.
Mar 31, 2021
I started carrying two knives during foot and mouth . In the unfortunate event of loosing a knife ( something I haven't done in many , many years ) . Later on I have moved to one for game and one for genral use like cutting wood for fire ot other use , ropes and cordage etc
I also make knives that will work for most things but there are alway compromises to be made


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Dec 7, 2003
West Sussex
I’m an odd sort of Bushcraft instructor. I often do carry a knife. Generally someone is at hand that does.
When I need a blade I choose the appropriate tool for the task. Skinning a deer I use a bark river mini Canadian.
If I’m carving a spoon I use a Forestknights Sloyd knife is one is handy. Or more often a mora as I have literally 100s.
I have a range of carving knives. Various styles of spoon knives.

Around 30 to 40 axes. I lose count. Sometimes I give one away a d occasionally I buy another that takes my fancy. My favourites are my Nic Westermann, GB Large Carver and a tiny no name I got for £10:00. I’d cry if I lost that one.

I’m quite fond of my leatherman jiuce xe. That’s been on every expedition with me for the past 20 years.


Mar 29, 2016
My tastes for carry differ all the time, if it is a long time out doors in a base camp, and I am a well equipped. My fallkniven A1, and my lovely scandi S30v Enzo 95 trapper. For carving I always reach for a scandi grind blade.

If I am going to take a single blade, I would take the flat ground knife research rasul. There is something about the blade shape and steel that screams it can do it all in a small package. I am yet to put it through its paces, but it just feels right.

Every day carry as a folder it is currently a lionsteel thrill, but if I had to choose one it would be the Spyderco Gayle Bradley 2.

I always carry a multi tool, particularly when at work.

Axe wise I really like the robin wood small carving axe, Gränsfors carpenter axe and a crkt Chogan. Again if I had to choose one, it would be the Gränsfors carpenter axe, which is a bit of a sleeper axe, but very good.


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Jun 22, 2009
South Wales
This is a question that keeps me awake at night but most of the problems are caused by UK law and the general knife-fear culture we live in. I used to rely on the SAK farmer for everything but ended up downgrading to a normal SAK so I could have scissors and tweezers etc. It's more versatile but not great as a knife and it's already getting quite battered from light use because the metal is so soft. I've got a Leatherman Rebar which is a useful tool with a better knife but it's heavy and bulky, accessing the tools is tricky and it's not UK legal. To be properly useful to me a knife has to have a pocket clip and be one hand opening. My Spiderco Persistance is great for that but not UK legal which leaves me wondering why I'm not just using a fixed blade knife whenever I use it in the places where it is legal. I'm thinking of trying the CRKT Pilar instead as a UK legal option but would I ever bother to carry it if I had another knife in my pocket anyway? Which brings me full circle back to slumming it with the SAK.

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