Northern Ireland

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Oct 10, 2007
Northern Ireland
Hey guys, sorry just getting accainted with the site still. I'm in Newcastle. As Im only here a year I dont know the situation regarding overnighters. I'm assuming its no fires but I've noticed a good few scars up the top of Donard forest as you start to leave the woods for the higher ground, so maybe. Lots of boozed up campers though I'm afraid from what I can tell. The other side near Annalong looks better. Over near Binnian and the Torrs. Is there anyone interested in heading up on a day trip some weekend, that way we can sound each other out for possible overnighters?
Hi all

Just introducing myself on the site only found it today.

Based in Portstewart and returning to wild camping after a bit of a break and up for meeting like minded folks, have been doing some sneaky solos lately.
I'm a bit long in the tooth, skills have gathered some rust and looking to get back to fighting weight (if you know what I mean).

Have a mad idea that I might head to the Scottish Highlands for a couple weeks in October to blow the cobwebs away.

So happy to meet up for a chat, or to do a day trip, or even catch an overnighter.



Apr 30, 2015
Northern Ireland
Just making an intro to the site too, if anyone's up for a wee journey to the Mournes in the summer/late may; after my exams.
I'd be fairly new to bushcraft though I'm a very quick learner (built a lean to in the back garden and a fire pit to match up with it) though I know the Mournes, completed my DOE silver award there. Can make fire, now most lashings and hitches and as a kinaesthetic learner I learn by doing, not reading my survival manual (which I've started annotating), I'd be happy to learn under a more experienced woodsman/bushcrafter and will pull my weight around camp; moreso since I'm the new guy.


Mar 4, 2015
Germany/Northern Ireland
Going to be at my mother-in-law's over Christmas. Some days in Portadown, some days in Ballycastle. So if anyone wants out for a day hike or similar round those places [EDIT] or in the Mournes [/EDIT] just give me a shout. I can definitely get out between December 26 and January 4.
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