Need help with a name

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Jul 14, 2008
IIRC Wen in JRR Tolkiens made up elvish language means lady. Not a good name for a lad.

We had a kid in December (our first) and called it Jack. It is a solid, farmer/outdoor type sort of name we thought but is second most common in 2012. It is a nickname for John.

We also went for a Welsh middle name as something unusual. My advice is give the kid a "normal" first name that is used and an interesting middle name that can be kept secret if needed. That way later on he can make his own decision if he wants to be part of the masses or stand out of the crowd. it also satisfies your possible need to be different.

Do check out what the initials spell out.

One thing is a name can and will be used to poke fun at a kid if it can be. I am fortunate in that my name can be combined to create humour. It is so obvious that kids got over it very quickly. If it is more obscure then it could last longer the fun at his expense.

Could call him Sue, then do a runner and keep one eye over your shoulder in case he comes for you one day as an adult!!

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Dec 30, 2005
Having an unusual name is the finest fighting skills training you can receive.
Indeed - in school it gives you a stark choice - be bullied or risk expulsion by fighting back hard enough to deter repetition. I chose the latter option, as did my brother when he reached snapping point. The one thing it does ensure is that you wont enjoy school.

If you hate the kid enough to give them a silly name, just call them "Kiddyfiddler" and be done with it
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Feb 20, 2012
Thanks for all the posts and private messages, it's given me and Mrs Marmite a lot to think about. Firstly don't stop them comming as we have loved some of the suggestions and look forward to hearing any more.
Oldtimer we particularly loved your "brr-ice" at a moment of tension it really lifted our spirits.
It may be that woody sticks in some manner as it would seem the aunts uncles and cousins are all determined to see it happen we've already had toy story baby grows with woody plastered all over them :rolleyes: so his first name will probably be Edward so woody can be used as a nickname until it starts to pick up other connotations in the playground and then Ed or Ted can take over.
Big Red thanks for the reminder about playground rules, kids can be so accepting but also merciless little devils at times and even with a relatively "normal" name of Andy the rhyming and mickey taking led to some scuffles before the line was drawn and although yes, on the one hand it may have taught me to stand up for myself, I wouldn't wish to make our new little mans growing years any more difficult than they need be. One of the reasons marmite girl had Sarah added to her name to prevent unfortunate spelling in her initials.
We'd still like to use a winter based name in the middle though if possible and all ideas are much appreciated.
Thanks again to the collective help you have all freely given:You_Rock_

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May 24, 2012
I went to college with Master Peacock, wonder why he never turned up?:( What are these peoples parent's thinking? Call Kids something Normal, doesn't have to be too normal just accepted so people aren't constantly asking them "can you spell that". They can always change their name if they want. I am Brenchley but I don't have to shout about it cause it's my middle name.

Save unusual names for middle names, or animals.

I'll just take Festus, Randy and Eugene for a last chance walk down the track:lmao:.