Mr Mears on the News

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no t.v. available for me over here but i've been several times to THE Kangaroo Island and always had a great time and lots of fond memories... very sadly my good friend there lost his battle with cancer about a year ago so i've not much update on what happens there anymore or if his (wooden) house survived...
a rare spider may have become extincted in the fire but i hope the unique wildlife will recover!


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Jul 10, 2004
His appearances on the TV are few and far between these days, damn shame that as ole Uncle Raymond really developed into quality presenter, the subject he made the star of the show rather than the presenter which is the norm nowadays. Really wish he’d/Woodlore would make there own series of Shraftin DVD’s A2Z type of thing. That’d be fun and sure to be a popular seller, I mean who doesn't enjoy seeing Uncle Raymond do some things and hear him doing some/them. Ray Mears he does some things, see.
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Andy keeley

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Feb 17, 2020
Wish there are more channels with guys like him on!
Instead of party’s from all sides moaning!
Imagine what the world could achieve if they adopted our bushcraft mentality


Oct 6, 2003
Clearly you have never seen one of the threads where folk debate "the meaning of Bushcraft". Nor encountered the maneuvers of some schools or instructors.
Put people in groups, give them something they can be for or against, throw in some stuff to be self-interested about and individual beliefs and feelings will give you plenty of tribalistic moaning:blueteame:

While I have kinda gone off Ray and have not watched any of his stuff in a long time (I have recordings of most of his BBC series), I might be tempted by the sort of independent DVD that you mention.


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Aug 13, 2007
When he championed anthropological living skills he offered something unique on the telly

these days he's more intrerest in wildlife, nothing wrong with tht but nothing unique to it too - plety of others offering the same stuff

I always find it odd when people refer to him as "uncle" Ray. I have a son his age. Uncle Mors, Uncle Lars or Uncle Les I can go along with. Paul Kirtley seems to me like a favourite nephew.
Calling somone Uncle or Auntie is a term of respect in tribal cultures that is often given to non-family older generation members that have lived the life and teach the young

I think he deserves the title myself


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Jan 15, 2011
Uncle or Auntie was used as a title of respect to older people in England when I was a child. I imply no disrespect but he is much younger than me: most people are!
I think you and I are in the same boat. Everybody I see seems so young.


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Mar 3, 2020
Caerphilly, South Wales, UK
I grew up with Ray. In my early days I would be hanging on his every word and every word sank in for a lifetime. Of course, others have been a huge influence too but I just remember Ray, even before Woodlore was a big thing, he had a way of making Bushcraft exciting to a teenager - that was a long time ago now too.

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