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Jun 13, 2010
North Wales
Can't believe that I've only just found this thread!
I was a keen warhammer 40k painter back during 2nd and 3rd edition, bit didn't play. I stopped painting at age 17ish and only just got back into it a few months ago.
I gravitate towards Nurgle (Death Guard) and Orks but when I paint loyalist Space Marines they tend to be Marines Malevolent (everyone hates them!!!)
I have also started building real world AFVs. Current projects are a 1/35 Tamiya Chieftain, a 1/100 Maus, 1/72 Jagdpanzer and Cromwell.
My 10 year old daughter loves painting and building too.

It's a cheaper and safer midlife crisis than motorbikes.
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I'm addicted to making things, I was crafty as a kid and went the Airfix / Tamiya route. It was a big part of why I got into re-enactment and living history, hundreds of things that needed making.

I make or modify much of my outdoor kit and the Steam Tent Co-op stuff is usually tinkered with as well.

The problem with making all this stuff is the space it takes up, we are struggling to find places to store it all.

At least model making allows me to feed my addiction without taking up too much space.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
If you need room for the vardo... there's room at my place ;) :) :).

Only joking. I know you wouldn't part with it. It's an amazing project though. Wish I had the room tools and skills set for such projects. I have so many on the go I keep loosing them and finding bits of it all about the house so it takes me years to finish some of them. I have too many ideas!
Jun 13, 2010
North Wales
I have just bought about £40 worth of Scale 75 acrylic paints. I had the Arbuckles brown and fell in love with how it covers and dries super matte. I have the flesh set and a load of various other paints.

Also bought a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought and the Know No Fear starter box. The Dark Imperium box is like hen's teeth since 9th ed was announced.

Also preordered the Fabius Bile model out later this month. I have never previously preordered ANYTHING...what's happening to me?!
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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
If anyone else is interested in model railways/dioramas, etc., there's a virtual Model Railway Show on today.


i am not worthy, I am not worthy. I make 12th scale and I make up the Metcalfe buildings for Christmas scenes, but the detail these folks put into their models is amazingly realistic :biggrin:

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