Make Your Own Gear Hammock with a Soldering Iron and Windbreak

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Sep 18, 2013
The following shows you how to make your own Gear Hammock including Seep (Lid) without any sewing.

You will need the following:

1, Soldering Iron
2, Straight piece of metal
3, Melamine board or similar (needs to be smooth and will not burn when soldering iron comes into contact)
4, Material (I found cheap Nylon wind breaks work well and give a number of options) - I cut the wind break so that I included the two slots for the poles - measurements are about 165cm x 150cm.

How to option 1 (This was my first go - Whipping added to sides that have the pole slots):

1, Place material on board and using metal straight edge run soldering iron against this edge, it helps if your soldering iron has an edge or point.
2, Once material is cut out the soldering iron stops any fraying, then WHIP the ends as described in "" - I left about 24cm for the flap and whipped the rest.
3, Hang up using any of the usual hanging methods.

Some Pictures to give an idea of how I made mine:

1, Showing board, solder iron and cut material

2, Showing the whipping (I left tails on so can undo if you want to use as a mini tarp or chair etc)

3, Shown with whipping and slip knot

4, Shown with rucksack

Additions if you can sew:

1, I would put a channel down the opposite side to the flap and add some shock cord.
2, Add a pocket to the flap to wait it down.
3, Add a loop at the bottom so you can attach a line to pull the hammock to one side.

How to option 2 (This my second try - Whipping added to sides that don't have the pole slots):

This is similar to option 1 but using the shorter sides, this has the advantage of being able to use the pole slots for shock cord, and the Seep (lid) for a stick to weigh it down.

Closed with rucksack inside

Open with rucksack inside

Open with nothing inside

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
F you do not have a soldering iron you could use scissors and (being very careful) seal the cut edge with a lighter flame.