looking for a solar charger for smart phone

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May 6, 2011
Rainham, Kent
I use one of these https://www.sunjack.com/products/sunjack-20w-2x8000mah-battery, its not cheap and doesn't seem to be available in the UK (I imported mine a few years ago) there is a smaller version on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/SunJack-14-Watt-Solar-Charger/dp/B00E7Z06LC they both come with a battery pack, I tend to leave it out charging the battery pack and then charge my phone/tablet/headtorch etc from the pack in the evenings. I have tried using smaller panels and battery packs with built in solar panels but we don't tend to have strong enough sun over here, but by using the bigger panels I have found that you can still get some charge on an overcast day (not great but enough to keep you going). I always charge the battery packs before every trip and then use the sun to trickle charge them during the day, I'm usually out for 4 nights at a time and have never run out of power...although I did come close one gloomy week in October.

I have also used one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-PowerPort-2-Port-Charger-iPhone/dp/B012VL20GW/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_107_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=E172NAQ7NBZKG4B4G18D which is a bit cheaper but you would need to get a battery pack to go with it and Goal Zero do some good panels too but expensive.


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Jun 14, 2016
I use one of these and a powerpack to keep all my electronics charged when car camping.
It can charge 2 things simultaneously so I usually keep the power pack topped up with one and use the other to charge as and when. (the powerpack I got also allows me charge it and use it to charge at the same time.)
Camping last year I used it with 3 kids and 4 adults to keep 4 smart phones and 2 iPads going (along with a powerpack) was very impressed.



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Aug 6, 2016
thanks guys, I haven't been specific enough, apologies.

smart phone and laptop each day.

want small, waterproof and rugged/shock proof

thanks for all the input so far, much appreciated


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Apr 20, 2005
Coventry (and up trees)
Have a look at the power monkey range. we have several of their bits and pieces and they are solid, weather proof and seem to offer the best power compared with many of the competitors.
For charging phones, tablets and pcs, we tend to use power blocks and then use the solar to charge the blocks . Also, don't expect too much from solar. Unless you have constant, strong sunshine, you'll probably get enough charge for a phone per day.
Also, have a look on ebay, as power traveller have changed their range and there is a lot of their older stuff going cheap.


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Jul 30, 2012
From my experiance

A 1.5watt panel will charge your phone fully in 1 day if in direct sun, that's a 5watt hour battery, a laptop is 55watt hour. If it's in cloud you could be looking at 10 days, so the trick is a battery to catch the weather. So really for light use you need a 15 watt panel with a 60 watt hour battery , and for intensive use you want to be able to store at least 4 days power and charge it in 1 day so a 240wh battery and a 60 w panel.

And get battery with voltage similar to your laptop to charge the laptop, you will find them with a 5 v out as well. 60wh battery weighing about 500g. Or for high usage 240wh battery weighing about 2kg

This here has a bigger battery but a smaller panel, so you bank more power on the good days, and you don't need to recharge in 1 day. It is another way of thinking.

Truthfully solar is a pain and I would only use it if necesarry ie back of beyond. A couple of 500g batteries that you can recharge will be lighter easier and cheaper.



Aug 7, 2014
Cheshire, UK
A few years ago I bought a small panel from Powertraveller which was quite weak at the time but it charged their own battery pack pretty well.
Since then they've brought out a few more, some designed to charge laptops etc. They're used by quite a few top adventure people and explorers apparently so they must be pretty good.
Solar monkey Adventurer and Expedition
Solar Gorilla
Extreme Solar
Evan "tactical" versions
Its certainly a more expensive option though of course, but the quality and reliability is very good.