Line Loks. Group Buy 3

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Sep 17, 2003
I remember buying some small line loks a few years back, and using thin dyneema with them.
Err, I think it was 1.5mm diameter dyneema? or maybe 2mm.

Anyway, the thin dyneema didnt grip, it wore through the line loks, it was that tough, when you gave it a good tug.

At the time, I swore I wouldnt go below 3mm again. I had a hilleberg tarp, with their 3mm line and the slightly bigger line loks which gripped great on that.

But Ive been trying these small line loks out with the much cheaper tarred bank line, as a guyline, and its really good.

Hopefully you guys wont have the problems I did. But I can recommend the bank line, with the small line loks.
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Aug 4, 2013
Missed the post office yesterday, but got everything in the post today, 2nd class royal mail. So it should arrive Friday or Saturday. Which Friday or Saturday is anyone's guess...

Please let me know when your's has arrived.