lets see your workshop / shed / garage then!!


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Sep 8, 2011
My workroom is in storage and sewing mode as I've been banned from the garage and the garden is just too depressing after the weedol incident ;)

At least I can still do the odd project- silk quilted blinds for my Eldests' flat from an old sari and a matress cover with broken elastic, I'm tighter than a gnats chuff.... :lmao:

Absolutely all my possesions are stored under the standing height worktable which is something of a firehazard, no grinding in here for me, unlike the lovely Shaggy ;)


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it got pretty bad over the weekend couldnt get aboard unless i wanted to wade through chest deep water. finally got back on yesterday as water levels have gone back down. nothing to really panic over tis just a bit of water here and there im just glad we float


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Apr 8, 2004
My poor old shed had to be put out of its misery, I had to do it with my bare hands and my chainsaw. It broke my heart, have replaced it with one of those (shudders as I type this) plastic garden stores. Wish I hadn't bothered they are rubbish, the hinges have broken, the catch is on its way out and the lid supports have broken. have bolted T-Hinges on the doors and a wacking great catch on the lid. Should have bought another old fashioned wooden shed.


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Jan 15, 2011
I gathered that much! :rolleyes:

anyone had any luck with metal sheds? are they worth buying over shiplap sheds?
You mean the pre-fab kits or building you own?

I've got one of the pre-fab kits now and they'll last about 10-15 years before they rust through (really that's not bad for the price) They can dent easily but with proper landscaping you can lessen that risk.

As for building a real one using corrugated metal roofing/siding over a pole barn type construction; well that's the single most common barn/small wharehouse construction type here. They'll withstand a hurricane and last 20-30 years.
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Jan 24, 2010
West Midlands
I have a small metal shed, I wish it was bigger but I'm very pleased with it. Very solid when together but very flimsy before that. The biggest problem is condensation on the roof, I have reduced it by drilling vent holes at the very top but it should be possible to completely stop it by sealing the base either with a membrane when you make it or like I keep meaning to do by sealing over it.