lets see your air rifles!!

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Apr 20, 2007
cannock staffordshire
just an old realem chopped it up years ago dont think i fired it more than half dozen times and only at targets
will give it a good looking over one day maybe even finish it of with a fore grip one day


Mar 20, 2011
Just for the amusement value I’ll show my Air(soft)guns.. :lmao:

Must admit contemplating selling them since haven’t played in 4 years and buying a proper air rifle for target shooting and occasional hunting.


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Dec 24, 2010

BSA Ultra .22 mamba scope
HW 100 .177 Hawke scope
Air Arms s410 .177 Nikko sterlin scope.
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Dec 24, 2010
Yeah couldnt make my mind up so got all three.

Actually looking for somewhere locally at the moment.
There is a guy from Morley i know who has some land access called Russ Graham, gonna try and find something through him.


Apr 27, 2008
forest row
feinwerkbau sport 127, new spring and seals. its older than me but very accurate, yet to test on dinner and longer range. no pics yet

Everything Mac

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Nov 30, 2009
Hi, I am looking to purchase my first air rifle with scope. What do yous recommend for it, and does anyone have a air rifle for sale.?
There are numerous threads about this exact thing on here. Use the search function and you will find what has been said before.

http://www.bushcraftuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=54694&highlight=air+rifle+recommendations - this is a basic thread where I cover a few basics.

The general recommendation is to have a look at airgunbbs.com - a browse of the threads over there will bring you up to speed.
In general though it comes down to your budget and what you want to do with the rifle.

It pays to shop second hand as you will more than likely find a good package with everything you are looking for.

Do a good bit of searching on here and over on airgunbbs - that will get you going.



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Sep 17, 2003
Well, this is one of 'those' threads which will keep getting ressurected.
I recently got a HW 77 .22 25mm which needed a bit of tlc. I have not had a chance to shoot it much yet. I didnt fancy spending a fortune on servicing it. Luckily, this being an old classic, there is a lot of stuff on the web, on how to strip it.

With 3 in 1 oil, and 0000wire wool, I took some light rust off the barrel, then washed and degreased it. Cold Blued with some G96 gun creme, on some bits of the barrel. Its an acceptable finish for my use.

Cleaned the barrel. Then lightly sanded a new piston seal with 1200grit emery and made two washers out of a piece of 1mm delrin.
One to go on the main spring guide, and the other on the piston end. Also added a new breech seal.
I Put 3 steel washers on the piston end, under the delrin, and one steel washer on the spring guide and mixed some white lithium grease with ptfe spray and lubed it all with that.
I think that made a difference.
The results from the chrono app on my smartphone seem pretty consistent:
579, 580, 579, 579, 579.
Using JSB match 15.89gr pellets. So it seems to be shooting bang on 11.8 ft/lb. at the moment.

Then in keeping with the period, i acquired a scew on whisperer silencer, and a silencer adaptor, and fitted those. Then fitted an adjustable butt plate, and bought an MTC Viper Scope.

I just need to get out a bit with it now, havent shot for a few years, find a local club/shoot, and a permission. Squeeze some shooting in between bushcraft/canoeing/fly fishing etc...!:)

Im very happy with it though. Classic looks and a really accurate rifle, which neednt cost a fortune.

Probably put a sling on at some point as well.

I dont know what you guys with the Pre charged rifles are gonna do, when civilisation crashes, and you cant bag dinner.
When that day comes men with springers will rule the world!

Anyone else a Fan of the old Weihrauchs?
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