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  • No worries dude, No I am broke at the mo, due to paying for some new toys:D, I have been planning that next year will be my year for meeting peeps, hopefully i wont annoy too many between then and now:rolleyes::p, hahahaha, Hows the bender going? sounds a bit gay but really impressed at how you ignore the nay sayers here mate, good skills!
    Hi buddy, beautiful knife and would like to review it some time but can't do anything for a bit because I'm moving around a lot at the moment, would be available for something in the summer though!
    Hello Chap,
    Many thanks for the positive comments on my enzo trapper. Usually I'm well up for trading, but at the moment I can't think of anything I need that I don't have (unless you have an Alan Wood or an Ian Bailey knocking around that you're fed up of!).
    I have a tentative offer from a chap in London, if that falls through I might get back to you on the trade idea.
    All the best,

    Josh H
    Hey josh,

    Nice video on the bsa lightning. I'm thinking of getting one and I've found one for £190 including telescopic scope but I'm pretty sure I can make a deal, what sort of price did you pay and what shall I look to beat the fellow down to?!
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