Leather envelope

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Mar 1, 2009
northern ireland
I had a request to come up with a light weight, slimline leather "thing" for money, business cards, credit cards etc from a bloke at work. Now I'm not good enough to make a proper style wallet so it had to be simple.

Some of us older guys will remember the little brown envelopes we used to get our weekly wages in, well i though i'd have a go at something like that but in 2mm veg tan leather wet formed to give it some shape.

I think they've turned out ok and do exactly what's required.


With cashand credit cards etc


With business cards, these sit really well in the top pocket of a suit jacket 15363984746741717912350.jpg 1536398595261-1456587840.jpg 15363986988491640746804.jpg

Hope you like them.
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