Leaf green leather dye?

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Jul 2, 2014
North West Somerset
Hi All. I’ve been trying to get a nice mid-green, sort of leaf coloured leather dye to use for some projects. So far I have one water based dye that is very dark green (think holly leaf), and one Fiebings ‘green’ pro oil dye, which seems to turn out rather copper sulphate-y blueish green. Both nice if that’s what you’re after, but not ideal for me.

Have any of you fine people found a dye which is readily available, and which produces a nice leaf / mid green result on veg tan, without any odd colour cast?

I know that dyes can be mixed, thinned and lightened, but given the price of leather dye, I’d rather like to cut to the chase if at all possible, and save time & money that will otherwise be spent on experimentation.

cheers, Bob


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
I did it using shoe dye. It's the stuff meant to colour ladies shoes to match outfits for weddings. I threw the last of the bottle out not a month ago :sigh: I used it to dye veg tanned turnshoes to match a green skirt and top. Very 'leaf' green, when I'd been aiming for olive drab.
A little went a very long way. It came with a sponge applicator on the top of the wee bottle.
I'll see if I can find a link, but maybe don't limit yourself to just Fieblings and the like. This dye lasted four years until I got rid of the shoes, and they were worn wet and muddy in fields and woods, etc., but they were still leaf green.



Full Member
Apr 16, 2009
Most leather stains are going to soak in and be affected by the colour of the leather. I’ve just used a new strop with a veg tan strip of leather on it and chrome oxide as a polish. The chrome oxide is leaf green, but the leather has taken it up and it now looks very dark holly.


For a true leaf green you may, as Toddy says, need a shoe dye or actual coating of the colour.