Latest Leatherwork - Satchels, Pouches, Belts

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Bushcrafter through and through
H, the newspaper article, is it your workshop the pics are in? would love the space for my own working area as apposed to a folding table in the living room ;-) !
yes it is, for now i have to make do with a spare room in my house as don't have any appropriate outbuildings. Means I have to keep it very clean and tidy, but it's warm and comfortable and plenty of space to work in as I spend 12 hours a day in here ;)


Jun 28, 2014
Strathclyde, Scotland
Beautiful. if you lived in 9th century Denmark you would be the go to guy if and when Ivar the Boneless needed a big hefty bag for his Anglo Saxon skull collection...Awesome work.


Mar 22, 2015
You deserve every bit of the recognition your getting mate.
Outstanding craftsmanship.
Wish I could produce something a quarter as good