Latest leather book. This time with pyrography decoration.

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I’ve done a few tutorials in the past about making leather books. I feel a bit of a fraud as I’m no expert and also I keep changing how I think they are best made. I moved from paper book inserts to having Filofax rings in them and am currently favouring disc binding. Anyway I got a pyrography kit recently and make a sketchbook decorated with a skeleton version of the SongofthePaddle logo. Turned out pretty good for a first try.

Here are hopefully some pictures.



Nicely done. Is the binding made from separate metal rings, such that it can be folded back on itself? And, does the leather pong when you burn it?


Making memories since '67
It smells a bit but not too bad. Nothing you need a mask for.

Yes the binding is separate discs so the book can flip completely open and back on itself. This means with the right punch you can add pages of any size to any book and also you can swap out the discs for larger of smaller ones as suits.

Some more pictures of disc bound books I’ve done should show more options.

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