Lars Monsen, high latitude wilderness adventurer

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Mar 20, 2011
I first came across Lars Monsen when he did a trip across Canada.

[video=youtube_share;1HoHfqgyia8] QIQEq_SYGQw[/video]
A small taster of his adventure. The full series is online.

He also spent a year in the northern wilderness of Scandinavia QIQEq_SYGQw
Subtitles may not be 100% accurate, but it's a almost four hour odyssey!

He also spent three months in the Norwegian wilderness (with a cameraman this time)

Sorry, no English subtitles, but stunning scenery.

What I like about him is that he's not trying to teach the viewer, or impress them, he's hiking/fishing/hunting/sledging/canoeing for his own thrill and adventure and the viewer is just along for company. He's a very regular kind of guy with a deep love for outdoor wilderness living.

Nov 29, 2004
I have the 'Nordkalotten 365' series on a hard drive someplace, I watched it through without any subtitles and still enjoyed it thoroughly. I think some subtitles turned up eventually. You can read more about the series and find links to download it from the TV company that produced it here.

Nordkalotten 365

You can also watch a lower quality version with hard coded English subtitles here...

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What I remember especially about his across Canada trip were the dogs.

They pulled his sled in winter, and swam behind his canoe in summer. Lars caught trout to feed them.

Wasn't he attacked by a Polar Bear at one point and had to shoot it with his hunting rifle?


Feb 12, 2015
Western Norway
Here is what Monsen did when a bear tried to steal his food (suspended in a tree):


This happened in Canada, and in an interview he told us that he first shouted in Norwegian, and than shifted to English since Canadian bears probably don't understand Norwegian...
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