is this landy any good ?

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Jun 4, 2006
your house!
The guy was happy to spend £5000 on his "Brilliant" idea of a defender but cant be bothered to fix the original temp gauge, doesn't give me warm and fluffy feelings matey:)


Oct 2, 2009
Lots of stuff nailed to it. Just ask by whom, and how good a job did they do? Ask yourself why? And what's it been used for? I'll bet a pound to a pinch of puppydog poo that it's had a hard life off road. He'll also be looking for the lions share of the 5K he's spent, AS WELL as the value of the original vehicle.

Rear crossmember'll cost you £400 - £600 to get done professionally, and on a 1987 vehicle, there might well be other bits of the chassis which will need attention. (Waxoyl can hide a multitude of sins)

Passenger door doesn't close... Possibly as the A pillar has decomposed internally, or, more likely the steel door frames have beaten it to it. (If it was a simple relocation of the striker or replacement of the catch, then he must be a madman to sell it without sorting it out) £250 for a door - ish, plus paint. The passenger wing's got a crease in it , as has the door. The alingment's almost definitely awry.

As for the leak, they all do that Sir, but make sure the water hasn't sat in a carpet and dissolved the footwells or the floorplates.

Check for regular oil changes, as the V8s do VERY badly on old oil (Cam lobes are made of cinder toffee, and that engine was rebuilt at 95K miles for a reason)

Buy the BEST unmolested one you can, then molest it to your taste, rather than someone elses.

PS It'll get stolen in about 10 minutes anyway, looking like that.

PPS That much ICE with a V8? It's all the soundtrack you'll ever want.


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Nov 24, 2004
Mmmmm. Looks good on paper.

I'd avoid in all Honesty. Much that I love the V8 and the widgetry. I think you will end up with a money pit.
You'd be better looking for one already on a 'Richards' galvanised chassis and with a re-manufactured 300 series diesel. Money worth spending then and worth keeping.

I've just been re-chassising, with a lot of help, my dads old ex army series 3 LR. It's surprising how much needs to be done even though this has been in the family more than 30 years, plus its army life too. Those tiddly little holes were finally a sign of the dreaded rust worm. Looks good now!:eek:

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Apr 19, 2010
i can't find any fuel consumption figures for the Musso, anyone got any ideas ?

I have one. Driven sensibly they.ll do 30mpg easily. Drive like a loon and it.ll drop to 25. Remember also that it can run on veggie oil without any amendent other than a second inline fuel filter. Engine and transmission is merc benz, bodywork is fully galvanised,loads of internal aand boot space. Seats recline to make 2x7ft beds. Great owners club.


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Sep 8, 2011
Looking at his feedback as a seller, he's sold a few vehicles amongst other things, some of which haven't been exactly as described according to the comments left- notably damaged bodywork on one. I'd say absolutely don't bid unless you been to see it with someone who knows their landys well, like Nickliv :) His company doesn't Google so can't check on that, so its unlikely he's a bonafide trader which means you're unlikely to have any comeback in the event of problems.

It doesn't mention a certificate for the LPG conversion which is essential= if they've not been fitted right ie a DIY uncertified jobbie, is potentially a big problem. I notice its repeatedly relisted too... go see it, take an expert, a magnet and a tappy tool and cost up that galvanised chassis so you know what you're potentially letting yourself in for!

ps join your local landrover/ 4x4 club, they're a great place to a.find experts who can look over stuff with ya and b.often a good place to hear about vehicles :)


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Dec 22, 2009
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its impossible to tell without looking at the car, and knowing what exactly to look for. The things that could be wrong with a car, any car, are endless. however certain cars go wrong in certain places regularly. if you dont know what to look for or have someone who knows what to look for you could think you are buying something decent which turns out to need a few thousand £ spending on it to keep it on the road.
for example, if you are looking at a freelander 1, what is the first thing you do once you get it to start? most people would go for a drive around and probably think everything is fine. A land rover specialist mechanic is going to reverse it and listen for a certain noise and resistance in movement that tells you the viscous coupling is gone, which means its going to cost £400 to fix or you take the prop off and make it a 2WD.
you can get all the advice you like off the internet, it wont mean you are really any closer to getting a good vehicle. get a proper mechanic to have a thorough check first.

also, V8... dont do it if you like having money.