For Sale Industrial sewing modifications

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Nov 14, 2009
Motherwell, Scotland, UK
Hello fellow Bushcrafter’s.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and offer my sewing services to forum members. Please have a look and see what I offer and if you have anything else you want modded then give me shout and lets see what can be done.

Tarps/Groundsheets/tool rolls etc.

I can make the above to any spec you like and with any material you wish.

You can either supply the material or I can source it for you.

Made to your design, tarp tie out points, ridgeline loops etc can be fitted anywhere on the tarp.

Lavuu Mods

The following list is examples of what can be done to your Lavuu. Other work can be carried out to order.

Remove buttons and sew both halves together.
Insert zips to arm holes
Fit waterproof groundsheet (sewn in)
Fit waterproof groundsheet (velcro method)
Remove perimeter tin eyelets and fit webbing loops
Add webbing loop to peak for ridge-line hanging
Fit sidewalls to raise height by one centre pole height (23cm)
Fit snow flaps to sidewalls
Add tie out webbing loops to centre lines
Fit upright and vertical zips to entranceway
Fit stove flashing kit
Fit zippered ventilation flaps as directed

Bivi bags

Most requests are to make Bivi bags larger, add a zip and flap etc. Contact me to discuss any thoughts you have.

Mountain rucksack mods

Buckles/straps moved added, pouches added etc, drop me a pm to discuss what can be done.


All canvas materials used are 100% cotton unless you specify differently.
Groundsheets and snow flaps are PVC coated polyester or your own request.
All zips and webbing used are military spec.
Threads used are V69 bonded polyester rot resistant.
All stress points are double stitched minimum.
Work is carried out on industrial machines.
Payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer as per forum
Anything else just ask, I’m not a business as such, just me in the hoose with some machines




Nov 14, 2009
Motherwell, Scotland, UK
Good morning Tony,

Thanks for your post and all your help and encouragement. Sewing has always been a hobby of mine and offering my skills to fellow forum members “seamed” an obvious step.

Thanks again Sir,

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