Hobo camp

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Oct 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
Been craving a back to basics camp so bindle over my shoulder and wool blankets for a bedroll I headed to the woods for the night.
Half lavvu was my shelter choice and even smuggled some home made mead for company.


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Feb 17, 2018
Nice video Nobby. I've subbed. You'll have to do a video on how to make mead for sure!

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Oct 16, 2010
Isle of Wight
Good vid how did you make the mead ?
Really simple mate
5l still water (already sterile)
3lb honey
wine yeast
10 raisins
Pin pricked balloon.

Put honey in water and shake like flip (empty out some water first)
add 1 tsp of yeast to warm water wait until fizzing and add to honey and water
sling in the raisins and put balloon over bottle neck

leave for 2 weeks and syphon into sterile bottles,

leave another couple of weeks and syphon into clean bottles again.( repeat as required)

a month from start to finish and you are done, the longer you leave it the better the taste (after 3 months it has settled in really well). After the first 2 weeks you can add flavours/fruit. I just wing it and all has come out well.

I'll be doing a video on this soon if it helps but no doubt there are a load on youtube ranging from the serious brewer to a fat lad making some drinkable hooch. Serve chilled and it's the dogs danglies.

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