Help with making baskets

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Hi guys,

Was inspired by Wednesday's edition of Ray Mear's Wild Food (episode 5) and amongst other things I decided that its time to learn how to do some basketry. I went into the woods today and collected a large amount of raffia-like dead grass that was growing in huge quantities (an entire football pitch sized clearing full of heather and dead grass). Unfortunately though I am unsure where to start, although I think I am supposed to be making a basket using a coiling method. Has anyone any links or similar on how to make such a basket?

Help is very much appreciated :) .


Full Member
Apr 11, 2006
Perth & Anglesey
Hi Woodwalker
Their's an intresting wee section in RM's Outdoor Survival Handbook which gives what looks like some good starter points. One skill I would like to try also! In Fife the Forestry Commission run weekend courses for intrested people might be worth checking their website for your area? Best wishes Ed

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