Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

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Feb 9, 2019
I enjoyed looking through these ideas so thought I would add one: spinning tops. Cut a disk of wood about 5cm diameter, 2cm thick. Make a hole through the center (I used a 4mm palm drill). Whittle down a stick so it can be pushed through but jams with about 3cm through, slightly sharpen this end (I used a pencil sharpener) then cut down the other end of the stick to a nice length to spin with fingertips (about 3cm again). The tops can then be decorated with paint, felts, etching or burning. The closer the disk is to circular the better and tools can be matched to age/competence e.g. whittling with a peeler or a knife, the hole with a palm drill or awl or hand drill. Unfortunately I left the one I made in school so can not put a photo up atm.

In the spirit of full disclosure this idea is not my own but came from 'Easy wood carving for children' by Frank Egholm, which has many great ideas. Some do not seem easy to me, a novice getting back into bushcraft to use in outdoor learning lessons, but they are rated 1 to 3 and it gives the option of progression which hopefully will be well useful as I (and the children) get more competent!
Thanks for the tip on the book.
My 9yr old is enjoying using my old Mora. So it would nice to have some ideas.
He does what I did when I was a kid and makes sticks pointy :)


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Feb 18, 2010
at the mini moot recently i had fun making fairy doors, and a troll house with a few of the kids, we painted them, gathered moss, wove sticks, and made the doors out of discs of wood i cut about 3 inches across.

They loved it!