Gas stoves

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Oct 9, 2015
Suburban West Birmingham
I had, until recently, an MSR Micro-rocket, which was excellent. And for £20 I couldn't day no. Unfortunately the piezo 'ignition stick' failed so I sent it back. The retailer 'Ultimate Outdoors' no longer stock it nor do their supplier. I now have a choice of the kit they do stock for around 30 quid. Ideally I want a like for like, and I am pushing the idea that I need a stove with an ignition source built in. If they give me a stove plus a ferro-rod I'll be happy, but looks like I'll have to buy my own.

Does anyone have any experience with decent stoves to fit inside a 650ml cup with the canister, I really don't want a bulky thing that needs it's own box, the whole kit is carried more as a backup than edc, for places where open fires are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

The best I have seen so far is a primus, though the one with a piezo ignitor is £35 so I will need to turn on the charm...

Cheers guys and Merry Christmas.

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May 17, 2011
Will reply for you quickly but can't help too much. I've heard good things about primus but all stoves do the job needed for you. Just me I am still a 100% fan of Hexi blocks and there ease. Go with a primus can't go wrong


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Dec 3, 2014
United Kingdom
Aye Up Maddogmatt

If you still want the convenience of a piezo ignitor - check out ebabe - they can be bought separately quite cheaply, just make sure that you get the right one for your burner. You might even consider buying a cheap stove with the type of ignitor that you need attached and canibalise it!

The fact is that used regularly the piezos don't seem to last very long - the best that I've had was from one on a Gelert that lasted 18 months, used on average 3 times per week - but on an identical stove used by my mukka one didn't last 12 months. I think that it is always wise to pack an F&S with them.

As for a recommendation - (assuming it is a canister-top fitting) the Gelert shown is compact and has been great for regular use (apart from the piezo - unless less than on average 100 piezo ignites is being too picky!) and although I'm not sure if Gelert still sell it, it is available on the net and cheap enough to by several at the original Gelert price!

PS I always use them with a canister tripod and a windshield and I store them in a leather pouch with the valve slightly open so as not to leave the rubber seal compressed.:)

Gelert type (i).jpg Gelert (ii).jpg Gelert(iii).jpg


Mar 2, 2009
Personally I'd skip the piezo starter they never last. Just use a ferro rod to start your stove. Truthfully all of the ones I own can't tell ya the last time I used matches or a lighter to fire one. Another simple option if you're looking to just boil water for brew get a trangia much easier to pack and they store the fuel in the stove. Especially nice on a day hike


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Aug 3, 2004
Harrow, Middlesex
I still have a small Primus gas burner and the ignition is perfect and has lasted years and years. The ignition seems to be better designed and made than most:

The Alpkit stove is very compelling for the money. I have one and love it:

First though, if you like your MSR one and the shop isn't being helpful, contact MSR directly, I have always had very positive experiences with their support.


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Aug 4, 2013
The peizo ignition built into any stove is going to have a finite life, the tip of the igniter is in the flame and will get burnt through over time. This is one of the reasons the MSR Micro rocket has a separate piezo igniter. You can buy this separately. Ultimately I've never found myself able to trust piezo ignition and end up carrying a pack of wind proof matches anyway.


Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
The piezo igniters are a dream until something gets bent.
Buy a spark lighter from a welding gas supply shop, but a little pack of spare "flints." Done deal.
I've got a Coleman one, it's 6" long for the gas lanterns and gas stoves (aka all petrol which lights at -40C).
I've got several others, 6" , that do duty to start the smoker BBQ burners.