Frosts Drawknife for bowmaking

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Sep 16, 2004
Has anyone got / does anyone use the Frosts drawknife?

I've seen these in the Axminster tools catalogue and they look like a decent item for bushcraft bowmaking. i.e. smaller than most drawknives having a blade just over 4" long and straight handles so they should be easier to pack into my rucksack.

If anyone knows of something similar / better suited I'd appreciate hearing about it, otherwise I'll get one and let you know how good it is.


Jan 13, 2004
Iv'e used the straight handled Frost drawknife a lot for bowmaking some years back. It is good and sharp and works ok, but these days I prefer to use a drawknife made by Svante Djerv (SD) from Sweden (the smallest one in the pic). It is of better quality (although I've had to rehandle it once when one of the handles popped off, but that's no big problem), and I feel that I have a much better "feeling" and control with this tool. You find the SD website here
My primary hand tools are a couple of rough rasps, files, scrapers, a SD drawknife and a Bowyers Edge.



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Nov 17, 2003
Michigan, USA
Never tried it bowmaking but I use it all the time to hog down pieces of wood for carving spoons. Works extremely well for removing lots of wood.