A Challenge Fly fishing Norway tips?

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Hey folks,

I'm looking for recommendations and tips for a fly fishing trip to Norway.

Ideally looking to rent a cabin and get a fishing guide for a few days. It's more for my brother who is dead set on a Norway fishing trip.

Any tips would be great cheers

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Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Hardangervidda in the south has some great fishing.
If you prefer more exotic location, Lakselv in the north is fantastic.
They say so, despite 3 trips up there my catch was pitiful.
No salmon, plenty of other fish.
Trout, Arctic Char.

This is ‘wild’ fishing, natural fish. Plenty of places all over Scandinavia where the Trout is implanted. Do not do that, it is boring.

( northern Sweden I know very well. An area called Abisko Natural preserve is both spectacular and full of the tasty ones! Cheaper than Norway too.)

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
The concept is "fishing" and the species isn't terribly important, stocked or wild. Just get the hell out and do it.

Billy-O = you are ripe and ready to build a good west coast rod.
They are usually worth 3X to 4X the price of the parts.
Your #8 was a good choice, I built several #9 power poles.
All my reels and spools are Hardy Marquis, I got a good deal, long ago.

5+kg Northern Pike on #4 bucktails in northern Saskatchewan is as good as steelhead on any fly.
They will rise to a surface fly if it is stripped really fast.


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
The ‘stocked’ lakes and ponds I have fished in Sweden were disappointing. Fish very hungry, bite on anything presented. Many localities have a daily maximum limit. In some I have fished in you are not allowed a ‘catch and release’ fishing. You land it - you take it. I have been known to disregard this, as I have caught the quota quickly. No fun!
Wild fish - that is great fun, specially if the locality is difficult to access, or generally difficult to fish.

I have not fly fished with a fly rod much, but used a technique with an ultra light casting rod and a fly arrangement.
Son is a fly fisher though. Here he goes for bonefish, in Norway for trout.
He swears by his Orvis rod and the Swedish Danielsson reel.

I catch bigger trout in Norway than he does. Have an ABU ultralight spinning rod, boron fibre, anno mid 70’s and ABU Suverän spinning reel.
Made in Sweden.

Look into Danielsson reels. Superb service, nice Guy to deal with. No problem with extra spools, parts, or repairs.
To paraphrase- made by a fisherman for fishermen.


Jul 2, 2014
North West Somerset
My tip would be: take plenty of money! I have spent time in most Scandinavian countries, and Norway was the most expensive, followed by Iceland. Sweden, Finland and Denmark seem positively good value in comparison .....


Oct 6, 2003
When I was lining up to visit New Zealand, I signed up to fly fishing forums to learn what I could. It was handy that NZ speaks English, so the forum from NZ were accessible, but there are also forums that are UK based that will discuss fishing in Norway.

I am pretty sure this isn't the only forum on flyfishing in the UK! Advise you let your fingers do some walking ;) The advice you get here will be patchy at best, one or two blokes that know Norway somewhat, but are not fly fishermen, and maybe a few fishermen who don't know specifically about Norway. If you ask questions on a fly fishing forum you greatly increase your odds of getting good info!

Do be sure to let us know what you find out, and eventually, how the trip goes!!