Finnish Wool Trousers

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Sep 9, 2003
Yvelines, north-west of Paris, France.
Wow, Martti, this old thread still has life in it!

I'd be interested in new old stock nahkasaappaat, if you can still get them in size 44 or 45, and the field grey trousers in size 8/58...

Reply in the thread or PM me, if you prefer, with prices for two pairs of the boots and two pairs of the trousers, shipping to France.


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Mar 12, 2011
If someone still wants Finnish Defence Forces wool trousers and/or jackets, leather boots or similar before the Brexit, now is the time. Shipping from Finland to the UK would be around 22,90 € for 4-5 pairs or similar (c. 10 € per pair with shipping). Trousers are available up to EUR 56 (roughly 58 if you open and resew the seams).

Please, do contact me directly via PM if you're interested.
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