Few trade items

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Nov 3, 2013
North East, U.K
Couple of surplus items to my requirements as follows,

Olive PLCE medics webbing pouch (3 compartment fold out type)
2 x 1 kg pouch of beeswax pellets
Windproof DPM smock, brand new
30 Liter Blue drum, brand new perfect for canoeing
2 x 1 kg leather glue
500g Stitching wax
Various swatches of leather and suede. (Purchased for making pouches)
Olive PLCE side pocket

Looking for anything really some examples... Laplander saw, a good folder for possible pouch, webbing/pouches, DC3/4, millbank bag?

Pictures will follow later today..

Open to offers as I'm just re-staring out :rolleyes: